Top Best 5 Benefits of Dhanurasana – Bow Pose

Dhanurasana might be exceptionally proficient in weight decrease applications. It’s an essential stance of Hatha yoga. On this train, our constitution presents give off an impression of being the type of the Dhanush (bow). So it’s alluded to as Dhanurasana in Sanskrit. It assists with downsizing stomach fats fast. It Strengthens lower legs, thighs, crotches, chest and gut organs, and spinal wire. Dhanu implies a bow. Bow present is an inconceivable stretch for the spine, abs, hip flexors, biceps, and pecs. It’s an inside and out, decent complete body-opening backbend.

Steps for Dhanurasana (Bow pose) :

  1. Lie on the base (on mid-region) managing downwards.
  2. Quiet down completely with 2-3 breaths.
  3. Breathe in leisurely and starts twisting your legs in reverse and catch the lower legs with the palms as demonstrated inside the above picture.
  4. You will take note of that your physical make-up is currently inside the type of a bow.
  5. On this spot, your total weight will come in your stomach. Exclusively your midsection and pelvic space will contact the base.
  6. Keep up with this spot for not many 15-20 seconds and continue taking a full breath. You might work on the time subsequent to pursuing this.
  7. Presently following 15-20 seconds breathe out leisurely and are accessible again to starting spot.
  8. Rehash this cycle 4-5 occasions every day.


As a moderate yoga present, Dhanurasana is generally a tedious posture to study and continue in the event that you are basically starting off with yoga. A yoga expert and mentor Dr. According to shilpa Patel, “Dhanurasana, or bow present, has been named after the structure the constitution takes while playing out this asana, which is that of a bow.

‘Dhanu’ signifies bow and ‘asana’ signifies stance or posture. Basically as a very much hung bow is a resource for a hero, a very much extended constitution keeps up with you flexible with great stance. That devotion and consistency you’ll find inside your self as you effectively move into Dhanurasana.”

Assuming you happen to’re up for the issue that Dhanurasana is, learn on to search out extra about this yoga present.

What Are The Benefits Of Dhanurasana Or Bow Pose?

  1. On this asana, again bowing will reinforce your in the future and stomach strong tissues and work on your spine, effectively alleviating throb. Moreover, it would help upgrade the flexibility of the once more.
  2. The bow present animates the regenerative organs and helps in bettering feminine issues.
  3. It opens up the chest, neck, and shoulder strong tissues and tones them.
  4. Dhanurasana extends the foot and hand strong tissues, and tones the leg and arm solid tissues and reinforces them.
  5. This yoga stance can ease pressure, uneasiness, and weariness. It might well moreover help with bringing down the indications of misery by controlling the degree of the cortisol chemical.
  6. It alleviates feminine distress and obstruction.
  7. Pursuing Dhanurasana step by step will assist people with kidney issues.

Basic Concept :

The bow has constantly been referred to in Indian folklore. Inside the Ramayana, Lord Rama broke Lord Shiva’s bow at princess Sita’s swayamvara to win her hand in marriage, an accomplishment that the same ruler might do, demonstrating his holiness. Inside the Mahabharata, a couple of the best duels concerned the bow and bolt. Every ruler Arujuna and his chief adversary Karna had been skilled at using the bow and bolt. Regardless, Arjuna outperformed all others in toxophilism along with his self control and fixed apply. This determination and consistency you’ll find inside your self as you effectively move into Dhanurasana.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) yoga is among the 12 central hatha yoga presents. Likewise called Urdva Chakrasana, this asana looks like a toxophilite’s bow. In Sanskrit, ‘Dhanu’ signifies bow and ‘Asana’ signifies pose. This yoga pose is among the three key again extending exercise routine schedules and supports a vigorous stretch close by the entry of the constitution and a profound opening on the coronary heart community, serving to you tame a viewpoint of dauntlessness and appeal.

Dhanurasana present is a decent yoga represent that stretches and invigorates essentially all fundamental kinds of constitution muscle tissue like arms, shoulders, once more, biceps, rear arm muscles, center (abs), hamstrings, chest, hips, knees and the neck.

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